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Powered by a curated network of experienced leaders in the domains of global public and organizational policy, cybersecurity, IT, data science, systems engineering, embedded systems, aerospace, GIS, biosciences, geosciences, robotics, agriculture, allied arts, mass communications, economic development, and global trade, Borealis homes an unparalleled built-in think tank of talent.

Business Office

3030 Northwest Expressway #200B
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Home Office

Metropolitan Office Park
4300 Highline Boulevard
Suite 200F
Oklahoma City, OK 73108

*Metropolitan Office Park is conveniently located by Will Rogers International Airport in Oklahoma City's Hospitality District

**By Appointment Only

Mailing Address

5300 N Shartel #54675
Oklahoma City, OK 73154

Affiliate Cities

Thank you for your interest in Borealis Labs.

Head Office and Mailing Address:3030 NORTHWEST EXPRESSWAY SUITE B OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73112